General E-Mail June 20 – June 27

G’day mates!

Now that I have more time to write let me tell you about my week! 🙂

This week was pretty good, very busy and exciting!

As I mentioned before I have a brand new missionary! I’m training again! Yay! My new companion is Sister Rongthong and she is from Thailand! She is 23 years old and has finished college studying English at BYU-Hawaii! She wants to be an English teacher in Thailand after her mission! 🙂

From Monday til Wednesday I was able to be with the senior couple, Elder and Sister Bates, while I waited for my brand new missionary to fly to Gladstone. 🙂 I guess I could say that they were “babysitting” me. 😉

But really though it was lovely being with them! They took good care of me and fed me like there was no tomorrow! 🙂

Elder and Sister Bates are from Bundaberg, not too far from Gladstone, and they have been out for 8 months and they actually left to go back home today! So sad but they had such a great time here in Gladstone and were even able to have their first and only baptism on Saturday! And it was beautiful!

Their investigator, Zion, is 10 years old and lives next door to the chapel. He would always come to church and church activities all by himself. Everyone thought he was a member but he wasn’t! While I was with the Bates, they took Zion out to get a new pair of shoes because Sister Bates noticed he had holes in his shoes so she thought she would do a act of kindness and take him out and buy him new shoes. He was so happy. A day after that, we stopped by his house to tell Zion’s dad that Sister Bates would be a tad bit late for Zion’s piano practice. She came back into the car and told Elder Bates and I that his dad gave Sister Bates a huge hug for what she did for his son and told her that he has given Elder and Sister Bates permission to have Zion baptized. I told Sister Bates that she should invite him to be baptized after her piano practice with him. And she did and Zion accepted to be baptized!

On Saturday the baptism happened and it was very lovely. Zion’s father, two sisters, and brother came to the baptism. You could see the light in Zion’s dad’s eyes while watching his son enter into the water.

On Saturday night Elder and Sister Bates put together a branch activity with lots of line dancing, music, food and games. It was almost like a goodbye party for them! Lots of members came and had fun and even Zion and his dad, Luke, and siblings came and had the best time of their life. Luke mentioned to me that he hadn’t had so much fun with so many great people in a long time.

On Sunday Zion was able to receive the Holy Ghost and once again, his dad and siblings were there. After Zion had received the Holy Ghost and a blessing I looked over and noticed Zion’s father crying and as Zion sat next to his dad, he gave him a huge side hug and kissed him on the head. It was so precious.

After sacrament meeting we went to Sunday school and Sister Rongthong and I showed him which class we were going to. During class Luke asked many questions and was participating and was so engaged into the teaching. He then mentioned to us how grateful he was to attend his son’s baptism and also to come to church. He mentioned to us that he use to be in a gang, his parents were in a gang when he was younger and that he was into drugs and alcohol and he said seeing his son be baptized opened his eyes and made him feel, how could such a young boy be so involved with such beautiful teaching, if he can do that, so can I. It was amazing to see Luke have that spirit with him and to see that his son could be such a great example for him.

We now will be having a lesson with him, and his son tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited for not only him, but for the both of them because they are family, and family within this gospel is so important. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the family that I have. I would never change them for anyone else in the world. And because of them and because they have the gospel in their lifes, they have blessed me to try to be a good example to others just like they have for me.

While being out here on a mission I have seen many broken down families that don’t have that care or love, and as missionaries we try everything to bring them back together. Seeing this and then seeing families be back together makes me appreciate my family so much more. So today, please call your family and let them know HOW much you really do love and care about them, or even a close friend that you care about. You just never know, it could make their day.

I KNOW that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ, and that through him, we can all be examples of him, although life is hard and tough sometimes, and we all make mistakes, we can always go to him for help. That is why I am always happy, because of the gospel, it has blessed my life, and I love sharing that with others, but of course, I simply invite because everyone has their own choices but for myself I know it is right and I am blessed for it. 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful day! 🙂

Hoo roo!

Sister Grawrock

  1. The rest of the week was great! We did door knocking and Sister Rongthong got to experience her first angry person! He cussed at us to get off his property, and even escorted us off his driveway, all I did was smile and say have a great day. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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