General E-Mail January 25 – February 7

G’day mates!IMG_9644

Wow a lot has happened!
I’m STILL in the Coomera, Pimpama area and will be for 7 more weeks! This transfer is 9 weeks long due to the MTC English Speaking Missionaries now staying at the MTC for 3 weeks instead of 2 weeks! All I can say is that I’m glad I was only there for 2 weeks! But good on them! 🙂
We’re coming up to the hottest months! This past week got up the 39C! Yikes! But no worries I’m making sure I’m drinking plenty of water! 🙂
I am training once again, but this time I’m training two, yes, TWO, new missionaries! Wow what a blessing! I have one companion from America Samoa, and another companion from Tonga!
We have 2 baptism dates at the moment and about 10 investigators! So hopefully we’ll be able to help them out and help them come closer to Christ and know that they CAN overcome any weakness and trial they are facing with just prayer, faith and the guidance from Heavenly Father.
I was sick with the flu this week with a 101.8F but luckily I’m doing better now! 🙂
That’s about it for this week! Wish I could write more but the library is so quick with time!
Hope you all have a great week and Happy Valentines Day!!!
Sister Grawrock
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