General E-mail November 30 – December 7

G’day mates!

Sorry it’s been a while since I have sent a general e-mail out! Two weeks ago nothing exciting happened and then last week I was in the library for only an hour so I didn’t have time to do a general e-mail! But no worries, I’m still alive!
This past couple of weeks have been great though! Last week we had a tropical storm and that was pretty neat to experience! It reminded me a little bit of Florida! And there’s a little stream by our flat (apartment) and it started to flood but thankfully it didn’t block the road!
My companion and I were able to go to our church’s Christmas party! It was a good time just talking to the members and getting to know them more and of course with lots of food! 🙂
This week my companion and I have what we call a mini missionary! She’s here for a week experiencing what it is like to be on a mission and to be a missionary! She is 18 years old, she is originally from Samoa but she lives in Logan, Queensland Australia!
It is SO weird not having cold weather, eggnog, listening to Christmas music during this Christmas season! It seriously feels like it’s summer! Well…it is summer but you know what I mean! 😛
Everything else is going great! We have one baptismal date and next week is transfers! So this Sunday I’ll find out if I’m staying in the Brassall area again or if I will be going somewhere else!
I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season! But always remember what the true meaning of Christmas is!
Here’s a wonderful website that the church has put together and it’s all about the savior and his birth! There’s activities, articles and videos to watch so enjoy! 🙂
Sister Grawrock
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