General E-Mail October 19 – October 25

G’day mates!

Hope you’re doing swell! Everything going down unda is great! And this week was a really good week! We are getting some pretty strong investigators! πŸ™‚
This week Sister Oraa and I were able to see our investigators; Lori, Jayden, Neville, Sonam, Brad, Robert, Nick and Judy! Woo! So many! We are going so strong and these people are amazing!
Unfortunately we did have one investigator drop us, but that’s OK, we understand and we did let her know that we would still love to see her and help her out in anyway that we can and she accepted. πŸ™‚
We also weren’t able to see Paul this week due to him being busy but that’s OK as well because he is still wanting to be baptised. πŸ™‚ It’s so awesome because Sister Oraa and I didn’t even ask him to be baptised he said he prayed about it and he got his answer, so now all we have to wait is for transfer call to know that we are staying here! So fingers crossed!
We also have another baptism date with Jayden! We had one before but he got very busy but now we are all working together to help him succeed the date that he wants to be baptised which is also during next transfer! Sister Oraa and I are praying hard that we will stay! But if we don’t stay, that is OK, it just means a new journey and new people to reach out to! πŸ™‚
This week there was a gecko in our house! Because I looove lizards, I was able to catch it! But don’t worry, I put it back outside where it belongs. πŸ™‚ I would have kept him as a pet but I think we have enough cockroaches as it is. πŸ˜‰
Sister Oraa and I did lots of tracting this week and found not too many people interested but we met some very nice people this week. πŸ™‚ There was one elderly lady, she talked with us about gardening, her children, grandchildren, talked about her mom and dad and just about his history, it was so neat! She told us that she loves everyone and thought Sister Oraa and I were so wonderful that she gave us a gift to remember her. She gave us a crocheted towel, it was so sweet of her to do that for us. We plan on visiting her again and just sharing a simple message. πŸ™‚
Since Halloween isn’t very popular here I decided to do my nails Halloween style! So Happy Halloween from Australia! πŸ™‚ If you’re not sure what the picture is, it’s spiders and a spider on a web. πŸ™‚
Also! Here’s some random neat things about Australia houses…
They mostly all have their own mailbox, rather than all houses into one big mail box.
A lot of the houses have gates and fences in front of their house, you always have to whistle for a dog just in case before entering!
Most of the houses are elevated due to floods that happen. The last flood that happened was in 2011. Check it out!
Hardly any of the houses have doorbells, mostly you have to knock, or twist the key door bell that’s on the door or you ring a bell that has a string attached to it.
A lot of the houses are old and look very vintage, they’re beautiful though!
I’ll have to be sure to take more pictures of the houses and also the doorbells. πŸ™‚
That’s about it though! It was a great week and Sister Oraa and I are ready to go strong throughout this week!
I hope you all have a very Happy Halloween and don’t eat too many sweets! πŸ™‚
Sister Grawrock
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