General E-Mail October 5 – October 11

G’day mates!

Hope all is well with all of you! Everything here in ‘straya is going well like always! šŸ™‚
This week was very quick and not too much has happened, so this will be a short e-mail for this week!
The investigators that we have seen this week are Sonam, James, Neville, Lisa, Brad and Paul.
Paul decided on a baptismal date for November 28th! Sister Oraa and I are so excited for him! And we hooope that we will be able to attend to it since it’s going to be during next transfer. In 2 weeks I’ll get to know if I’m staying in Brassall or leaving, I hope I’ll stay, but if not, that’s OK! It’s always good to travel around Brisbane. šŸ™‚
We didn’t do too much tracting this week, we mostly visited less actives and investigators and we also had a huge zone conference so that was a lot of fun! šŸ™‚
But guess what?! You’ll find this exciting!
The Brassall Bishop is Tongan and guess how the Tongan’s cook their food? They dig a big hole in the ground, put coals on the bottom, put the food in foil and ontop of the coal, and then move the dirt ontop of it! CRAZY! And guess what I ate?
I ATE HORSE! YES HORSE! Crazy isn’t it?! It wasn’t bad at all! It was tasty and chewy! Now I’m just waiting to have kangaroo sometime soon! šŸ™‚
That’s about it for my week though! Hope you all have a great week! šŸ™‚
Sister GrawrockIMG_8033
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