General E-Mail October 5 – October 10

G’day mates!

This week was a very fast and short week it seemed like, but of course it was good! 🙂
Sister Oraa and I were able to see some of our investigators; Sonam, Lori, Neville and Paul!
We also did some tracting but we didn’t meet anyone interesting this week! Maybe this week we will. 🙂
I had exchanges this week as well and I was able to stay in the Brassall area with Sister Tagiloa for the day with her! She is from Samoa and she finishes her mission in January! We didn’t have any crazy stories like with the last sister but that’s okay! It was still fun and spiritual! 🙂
Now I know that America had this last week but this week the church was able to show General Conference in the chapel for those who wanted to watch it, or aren’t able to watch it from home, and boy was it AMAZING! So many great thoughts and feelings come out of watching General Conference, it’s just incredible. 🙂
For those who aren’t sure what General Conference is, it’s an opportunity for church members or anyone who is interested in the church, to listen and to learn from those that are sustained as prophets, seers, and revelators. It gives us great teachings of how we can become happier and become better in our life.
One of the talks that I enjoyed was by Elder Larry R. Lawerence and his talk was, “What Lack I Yet?” and I loved this because he explained we came here to earth to learn and to improve with the help from Jesus Christ. We have to ask the Lord what we need to do, and we have to listen to the Holy Ghost in what we need to do that we ask from the Lord.
What exactly is it that I am lacking? What do I need to improve on in my life? In my job? In schooling? As a parent? As a spouse? As a sibling? These are some questions that Elder Larry R. Lawerence mentioned.
As I heard this talk it really made me think of things that I need to work on, but sometimes, the Holy Ghost can tell us differently.He challenged us that we should ask Heavenly Father ourselves what we need to improve on through a sincere prayer and ask him what we need to improve on whether it be in whatever situation you are in at the moment. For myself, it would be my mission, as a sibling and in my life. It’s amazing what the spirit will tell you, it may be something you don’t like or think is really random but I promise you, there’s a reason for what that thought is that you need to work on. And once you act upon that prompting that you need to improve on, you will receive a great blessing from it or even a lesson from it.
Just remember, if we don’t do what the Holy Ghost asks of us, we will miss out a great opportunity from the Lord.
So I invite you to pray tonight with a sincer heart asking Heavenly Father what you are lacking or what you need to improve on and then whatever it may be, whether it’s to eat more healthier, or study harder in school or whatever it may be, listen to it, do it, you will receive a great blessing from it.
I am truly grateful for the Holy Ghost and how it can guide us to have happier, healthier and a better life. Even though we may not like the answer that he gives us, there’s a reason for it and it is the power from God who is teaching us to become better.
Hope you all are having a great fall season! I’m enjoying my hot season so far, and sadly, it’s only the beginning! 🙂
Sister Grawrock
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