General email Sept 7 – Sept 15

G’Day Mates!

So I don’t have a lot of time to e-mail due to going to the temple today, which by the way was BEAUTIFUL! So I will make this quick and sweet!
Mostly all week we visited potential and former investigators and also less actives!
We were able to meet with our investigators Tammy, Jayden, Paul, Lori and our new investigator Ann!
Jayden has a baptismal date! Woohoo!
The grasshoppers here are HUUUGE!
I almost got attacked by a plover, it’s one of Australia’s “dangerous” birds, kind of like magpies. I guess I was too close to their nest and they started swooping down and apparently they have spikes or some type of poison on their wings! Crazy!
Speaking of birds! I was able to actually feed magpies with my companions and one of our members! It was kind of scary at first but because they love meat they were friendly to my companions and I.
I had exchanges with the Samoan sister’s in our mission and it was fun! They got to teach in Samoan but also in English. We almost got attacked by two dogs…that was a bit scary…they jumped against the fence and it opened…luckily my companion for the exchange was brave to get the dogs away!
We got to go to a Fireside called “Voices of Brisbane” it pretty much was just a choir singing various church songs, it was very nice and our investigator Ann loved it!
Also! Those two sisters are my companions Sister Gabinio and Sister Oraa! They both are from the Philippines! This Sunday we get to find out who is leaving or staying in the area of Brassall, personally I think I will be staying but we will see! 🙂
That’s pretty much my week in short terms, hopefully next week it’ll be more detailed!
God bless and remember to always to pray and have faith! 🙂
Sister Grawrock
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