General E-Mail August 24-August 30

G’Day Mates!

Well this week was a bit more slow, so this e-mail won’t be AS long as the last e-mail, but hey that’s okay, it was still a good week!
Last Tuesday we had a district meeting with all the missionaries in our area, our topic was about the Holy Ghost and why it’s important. It’s always important to listen to the Holy Ghost where ever you are, it really can help you when you come across situations that could be either good or bad. I know I’ve experienced MANY times where I have listened to the Holy Ghost and received an answer or feeling that was great, and then of course other times where I didn’t listen to it and I received something that didn’t turn out so great. So it’s always important to listen to the Holy Ghost because when you do, you receive great blessings. 🙂
So most of you are probably wondering what I do most of the time while I’m here on my mission in Australia. Well I can tell you it’s pretty much the same when I served in Washington waiting for my visa! I mostly visit investigators, less actives, recent converts and sometimes share quick messages with members. But lately I’ve been doing a lot of tracting which is mostly knocking door to door and also talking with people at the train station, just finding people who need/want to hear more about the gospel but also helping them in any way we can. We haven’t been too successful with finding people that are more interested but that’s okay, as long as they got to hear our simple message it can only help. 🙂
Also! I forgot to mention in my last e-mail that Dominos and Subway are pretty popular here as well!
Anyways! As I mentioned in the last e-mail we have 6 investigators but only 3 are really active with us so far. Lori, Tammy and Robert. It’s been a bit hard with them though. Lori is struggling with tithing. Tammy is struggling with smoking. And Robert is studying other religions. So it’s been a bit hard, and we weren’t able to meet with Kathy, Lisa or Paul, but hopefully this week we will have better luck! I had the thought during these struggles that I’m trying so hard to help them but nothing seems to work and then a thought came across my mind that Heavenly Father goes through that every day, he has a plan for us and tries everything he can for us to be able to live with him again, but also Jesus Christ had to deal with people that didn’t want to listen to him while he was teaching people to follow him. We can’t control people’s thoughts and feelings. It’s ALL up to them. It’s THEIR choice. All WE can do as missionaries is continue to have faith, comfort and just be guidance by the Holy Ghost. It takes time. 🙂
One miracle I guess you could say that happened this week was my companions and I were tracting and we came to a house with a mother, her daughter and husband that were familiar with Mormons because they have a really good friend who is a member. We sat down and talked with them, while my companions were talking to the mother, I was talking to the husband, he is about in his 50’s or so, and we just talked about our life and then talked about religion. He said he isn’t too religious and I asked him if he prays and he told me that he usually doesn’t, we talked more about prayer and how it can bless us, such as having questions answered or having special feelings or any other things that happen. After we had talked about prayer we talked about faith and how it is important to have faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ through tough situations or when waiting for answers to prayers. I asked him if he would like to say the closing prayer and he said no but I told him that I have faith in him that he can do it, just like how we can have faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ even when we have doubts but also they both have faith in us to strive to do better in our life and be able to live with them again. After I shared this and we talked a bit more I asked him if he would like to say the closing prayer and guess what? He had faith and he did it with no hesitation and thanked me afterwards. I can promise you when having faith, you can overcome any weaknesses or trails. 🙂
That’s pretty much about it! I’m still enjoying it here and learning a lot from the experiences that are happening!
Lastly! Here’s some more fun words used here by Aussies!
Boot = trunk
Mossie = mosquitoes
Frindge = bangs
Chips = fries
Jerk = vest
Jumper = sweater
Hope you all are staying safe and have a great week!
Sister Grawrock
P.S. The doughnuts here are AMAZING!
P.P.S. The picture of the car is popular here! It’s a half car, half truck! So strange!
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