General E-Mail August 10 – August 16

G’day Mates!
Ohhh so much too say but so little time!!!
I was spoiled in the USA with as much time as needed in the Family History Center but now that I’m in the library I only get an HOUR! Ah! So I got to make this quick!
The airplane ride was actually great! I got the window seat, had no one next to me and got extra pillows and blankets, lucky me! And I slept the whole time! So it was very nice! I needed it! 🙂
I have 2 companions, Sister Oraa and Sister Gabinio. They are both from the Philippines! They think everything I say is hilarious, I have no idea why though!
I’m in the Brassall area, and in the Polynesian ward! They are so sweet and I can say I am not use to receiving kisses on the cheek from the females but it’s a nice welcoming. 🙂
Oh! Coolest part…I AM DRIVING!!! And! It’s on the opposite side of the road! So crazy! But I promise I am being safe! 🙂
We have 3 investigators so far but next time I will talk more about them!
Cutest thing, my companions and I were walking around a park with flowers everywhere and a little boy about 4 years old picked some flowers and gave them to us! SO CUTE!
There are tropical birds EVERYWHERE here! It’s so neat! The weather is also actually a bit chilly! I have to wear a light jacket or cardigan to keep warm!  But it’s ALWAYS sunny! I love it!
The lingo here is so fun to hear! One that I learned is “fizzy” which is soda! So funny!
I’m having a great time and being safe! I’ll try to be more descriptive in the next email but it’s a bit hard with the time! Hope you all are doing great and staying safe!
Sister Grawrock
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