General email Aug 4- Aug 10


So this e-mail will be pretty short, sweet and simple!
Sister Solosko left to go back home to Texas this morning, and today I will be leaving to Australia! Yahoo! 🙂
I am very excited but also sad that I will be leaving Washington. It has been a great experience and I am happy that I really got to experience the people that really do have serious problems in their life and that I could reach out and help them, but to also teach them the gospel and let them know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ really do love them and know that they will always be there for them. All it takes is faith, prayer and reading the scriptures.
I promise you if you have a struggle and you want to change, turn to Heavenly Father, pray for strength and guidance, have faith and continue to have the gospel in your life. It really will guide you to the right direction and to a happier life. 🙂
I know I have been blessed throughout my life of the gospel and that I can always turn to Heavenly Father for comfort, and for any questions I have. The power of prayer is amazing, it may take time to receive an answer, but I promise it will come. It can come through different ways, such as a feeling, prompting, sign or it can even come from someone else. It truly is amazing and I am so blessed.
I hope you all are doing well and continue to have a great week! 🙂
Good luck with anything you are doing and peace be with you in America! 🙂
Sister Grawrock
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