General email July 6- July 13


This week was a pretty good mellow week!

Sadly still no visa so I’m still here in Washington for 4 more weeks!

So every Tuesday and Thursday my companion Sister Solosko and I go to a retirement center and we do fun little exercises with them. We get a pretty big group, about 10 or so seniors. Sometimes even senior couples will be there, but that’s only because the wifes drag their husbands along. At least that what Andy tells me, he is one of the seniors that comes to the exercises, but his wife drags him to the exercises and he pretends he is asleep during it, it’s pretty funny watching him pretending to snore haha. But anyways! My favorite part about the exercises is at the end. We all sit in chairs in a circle and we take a beach ball and we all kick it back and forth but we can also use our arms, hands, and heads. It’s really funny because the senior men will get really into it and kick the ball as hard as they can and sometimes it’ll hit people in the face or head, it’s pretty funny, I try not to laugh cause I feel bad that they get hit but they all laugh so I guess it’s okay. 🙂

This week we had a Mission Conference Meeting (all the districts (groups) in the Washington, Everett Mission together) and a New Missionary Training Meeting (all the new missionaries from the Washington, Everett Mission together) it was mostly about how to become a better missionary, the rules as a missionary and we even got a new device for our car! Lucky me I don’t have to use a bike! At least not yet…but anyways! We got a new safety device for our car called a “Tiwi”. It’s a little box that sticks onto your windshield and if you go to fast, don’t buckle in, don’t log in, or you’re an aggressive driver it’ll yell at you. Luckily because I’m a visa waiter I don’t get to drive so I won’t be yelled at, but besides that, I wouldn’t be yelled at anyways. 😉 Haha just kidding. 🙂

Every Thursday Sister Solosko and I volunteer at the Food Bank. Last time we were volunteering there we would tell people the amount of items they could have, and they would also point out which food they would like. Well this time we were in the back sorting out the food into different bins so it could be more organized, it was a lot of fun and the people in charge even awarded us with free ice cream cones at a local ice cream parlor! It was actually pretty yummy! 🙂

On Saturday Sister Solosko and I went to a woman’s house who isn’t a member of the church and we did service for her. We weeded her yard and help her set up her sprinkler system! The weather was perfect and we got a lot done! It’s kind of funny, most people don’t like weeding but I actually love weeding, it reminds me of when I use to do weeding when I was a kid. Don’t get any ideas when I get home! 😉 Just kidding. 🙂

Next Monday on my day off some members in our ward are taking Sister Solosko and I to Boeing! Apparently it’s the biggest building in the world with a bunch of airplanes inside! So I’m pretty excited about that! 🙂

That’s pretty much my week! It was a good relaxing week! 🙂 I almost forgot to mention that I had dinner with a member of the church who looks like Gorge Clooney! It was pretty funny! He said he gets it a lot. And also, my bishop looks like Mr. Incredible! Haha!

Hope you all have a great week! Remember to always smile! 🙂


Sister Grawrock

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