Quick General email June 23- June 29


Wowow what a busy and crazy week!

So they allowed the missionaries to use e-mail during laundry time today since it’s my district’s (group) last day at the MTC (missionary training center)! BUT! I don’t have a lot of time, so don’t worry, in my next general e-mail I will let you know the lay down of how everything is going, but I wanted to send out a quick e-mail to let you all know that sadly my visa to Australia didn’t come in on time and I will be on a temporary reassignment to…Everett, Washington! HAHA, feels like I’m going back home! Sadly I am bummed about it since my 2 other companions got to leave this morning to Australia BUT HEY lets think about the positives!

  1. I’ll get to celebrate 4th of July!
  1. I’ll be able to receive packages from my mom (thanks momma! I love you!)!

Things happen for a reason, I may not know the reason but Heavenly Father does and he believes that I need to be in Washington. It’s about the people, not me. Always think positive, I know I will be in Australia soon. 🙂

Remember, always go to church on Sundays!


Sister Grawrock

PS From dad (No text from her but the Mission President picked her up at the Seattle airport and they sent a picture! )

Sister Grawrock Airport pic

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